koboldchromatic KoboldChromatic

> start

> ==>

> Nice name, looking forward to your adventures.

> Where are you heading to?And why would your ship melt?

> Look at the dashboard stuff and check what's on the screen

> you gotta head for underground somehow
>you could empty the envelope and fill it with the hot air to go upwards and try to find a cooler spot
>Press copy and paste to copy and paste energy.

> Use the saw and hammer on the nearby stool to cleverly craft a screwdriver.

> craft a screwdriver out of the barrel

> Combine the oil with the screwdriver

> Examine oil's texture

> maybe if it was a flathead you could have just used the saw

> Embark at once in an epic quest across your ship to retrieve this goddamned tool!

> Go to the room directly above

> Among your crew, which one could have use for a screwdriver?


> You probably want to be quiet, but if you wake him it is a good way to finally see the crew.

> Silently go back to the cabin and use the artifact

> Be the dude hiding from the grumpy mechanic behind the sheets.

> ==>

> You ought to get the screwdriver and return it to him. What if he needs it? Hope you didn't carelessly lose it... Well, better moving!

> get that lamp repaired!

> hide... under the sheets

> Be the other guy, or something.

> Try to clean the puddle of oil with a single napkin

> What is in there?

> Sweep the oil away with one of the brooms

> ==>

> Be the batteries drainer.

> This guy totally got a pancake on top of his head. This is pancake-man alright.

> I don't take rebuking from a guy who doesn't have the same number of fingers on each hand.

> More importantly than hands, whats that arch behind him? A door? Where does it lead?

> ==>

> Isn't it dangerous that your elevator has electricity running through it?

> Gaze downward into the darkness.

> but there's door at other side of the room. So what's more old fashioned way to going down ?

> it would be funny if it's actually the grumpy mechanic inside that room

> sit and relax your mind for a moment... take a walk... maybe you will get an idea

> Suddenly, I wanna know about this old lady

> Is there anyone on your crew you could have wronged? Maybe you can ask them if they noticed something strange recently too...

> Go spy on the mechanic

> open the chest

> You can use distraction

> Try to listen through the door instead of looking through it

> Knock the door and then hide. Try to see what's going on when he opens the door.

> Quickly make up an excuse, just in case it's your boss.

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> Meanwhile

> shield your eyes and look inside!


> that fire guy seems curious about what happen

> That book seems to be the clue of this mess

> Go with Mr. Ghost to investigate the castle

> Don a silly hat and coat and investigate the library fire.

> Touch it!

> investigate the library

> meanwhile

> ==>

> Henry E. Bucklo, though your friends call you Henry.

> Haley Bucklo, though your friends DON'T call you Henry.

> Open your dresser.

> What species are ya?

> Equip fedora. That's the only change in clothing you make.

> now you are finely dressed to answer a door!

> Tim: Knock on the door again.

> Haley: Answer the door already, why don't ya.

> Tim: Explain that the ship's outta power

> Tell her both batteries are dead

> Just be glad you have a leader with that kind of power, otherwise no one be motivated to do anything for the ship (except you)

> Tim: Ask if there's anything you else can do to help.

> Give her a salute before heading off

> ==>

> ==>

> Your ghost friend mentioned chasing a critter earlier. Maybe the demon is in the form of a mole.

> The bottom right one.

> the spider one!

> Start with your spider web, of course.

> Check the bottom of the ruins

> ==>

> Explore ruins

> ==>

> Yes, no consequences could be given from this. Explore to your (undead?) hearts content.

> You can create webs, yes? Why not use these webs to grapple to walls, and explore faster? Moving fast is key to hunting. Along with other things...

> ==>

> ==>

> Taste it.

> Does it lead to a nest or is it for food? Is there food in it? you should eat that food

> Maybe they're made by a lady spider lizard thing?

> Punch it on the snout to establish superiority

> ==>

> bite it with your poison fangs and run away to wait for it to take effect

> Use your sharp spider legs to spear it, then tear it in two!

> Consume spider lizard thing.

> How about the mechanic? What's he up to?

> Captain? Is she still awake?

> The one on the bottom with tentacles seems fun. Are they up for show and tell?

> Have Gunny MacSplosions blow something.

> Blow a hole in the wall.

> Enter convenient new passageway

> Is there anything behind the wall you have made a door out of?

> Is that concrete? or something less... wholesome?

> Feel bad for the zombies for making them do unnecessary work, but only a little.

> Blow up the zombies just to be safe

> Use the bucket as a helmet to shield yourself from demon attacks on your head.

> ==>

> ==>

> How about you put the bones and flesh of the zombies into heaps

> Decide to capture the demon in a way that's less violent but is the best there ever was

> go downstairs

> meet your friend

> If the door is too tough, blast the wall beside it.

> You may be able to make a very small laser with your large gun. One that is big enough to just destroy the lock but not the door.

> Break lock with metal barrel.

> touch the door in a sensual manner whispering "Dear precious, beautiful, dear, graceful, precious, PRECIOUS door. I won't let anything, even myself break you. I'll find a way to open you without breaking the parts that make you my dear precious, beautiful, dear, graceful, precious, PRECIOUS door." and give the lock a peck

> What's inside the barrel, maybe something useful?

> Pour contents of barrels into the RUSTY FOUNTAIN.

> I guess we may have to backtrack for now then. Or you could actually try to solve the puzzle lock, and we could just come back later?

> Easily solve it.

> okay let's not
What's in the other direction?

> ==>

> Pull both levers on the wall at the same time using your possible average length arms.

> Express utter disgust over any non-weapony machinery

> Demand your tesla-coil bound colleague to solve the problem for you.

> Replace that broken light bulb for a starter.

> Well, could you create electric arcs behind you with your coils, giving you light?

> Oh look, your friends brought you a lunchbox! Appreciate the gesture even if you don't really eat anymore.

> Do you have a rough idea on what the cause of the problem seems to be?

> Find the water source

> The water comes from underground lake, right? Ask your shark looking colleague to check it out.

> ==>

> ==>

> Spikey: looks like his attention is on the flying creature, try slipping into the river when he's not looking

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> ==>

> throw something at it!!

> ==>

> meanwhile

> ==>

> Spiny. Imagination is overrated.

> He seems like a Ruben fellow. That is his name.