koboldchromatic KoboldChromatic



finally! you have it back! the so coveted hand tool! the grip around his handle feel so familiar and comfortable, he feel like a family member on a journey to save the only place he can truly call home, this ship! you have to take him back to the workbench with the rest of his comrade, and accomplish his ultimate duty, remove the battery from its emplacement


wait a minute, why are you completely losing your mind over this silly tiny old screwdriver? is the idea of being lost in the center of this desert driving you insane already? you don’t even know what your ship problem is, maybe the engine just lose contact with the battery, or something else as stupid as that, you have to figure it out quick and quit acting like a weirdo, that does not suit you

> You probably want to be quiet, but if you wake him it is a good way to finally see the crew.