koboldchromatic KoboldChromatic



Spiky sounds like a perfect nickname for a creature whose real name is unpronounceable to half of this ship crew! because yes, speaking draconic requires a very specific anatomy, and your native language is draconic, since you are a kobold! creature often described as purely evil, a myth usually used to justify racism and slavery, but fortunately for you, you found yourself a crew who is pretty open minded about exotic races, you are actually so comfortable with them that you almost never leave this ship, but you clean it and take care of it as best as you can so you have a legitimate place here, and are not just abusing the hospitality of this crew.

But enough about who you are, let's focus on what you are doing, which is trying to dig the entrails of your lamp and get your light back to finish your nocturnal reading! and also not at all break it in the process!

> You ought to get the screwdriver and return it to him. What if he needs it? Hope you didn't carelessly lose it... Well, better moving!