koboldchromatic KoboldChromatic



the screwdriver is here and safe! look right here in your hands, there is no way your tiny little grips could damage it, the worst that can happen to it is getting warmer in your hand! just kidding, you are a cold blooded creature


but you have to admit that you feel a bit bad for borrowing his tool without asking, you can already hear his complain in your head, he is always so grumpy about others taking his stuff, personal property is not a thing your past kobold life taught you, so his reaction always sound exaggerated to you

anyway, he should be sleeping by now, so no chance he is gonna need it in his sleep, but maybe you could take a little peek in his room to be sure he his sleeping, just for good measure...

or you could just get on with it and repair your material already, before he needs it

> get that lamp repaired!