koboldchromatic KoboldChromatic



you are now back being the other guy, who were trying to get the ships power back, and get the ships propeller back in function, for finally get the ships back in motion, to ultimately get out of the desert you were crossing, all that before the sun show his face and suck dry every liter of water from his ship, the one keeping your basic body function working included
and you are still trying to be stealthy about it for not having your boss discovering that you fucked up as a mechanic

okay are we all on the same page here?

but right now, at this precise moment, you are just checking what's left of the used battery with your trusty VOLTMETER


and as expected, it's dead, out, kaput, over, it has done its job you guess, you were expecting it to go farther than that, but that's how it is sometime, machinery and electronic are still no precise sciences

anyway you are just gonna pick one from your reserve and finish your journey
or maybe take care of that puddle of oil right now, before bringing battery full of energy that could (in case of clumsiness) set it on fire

> Try to clean the puddle of oil with a single napkin