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This is it, the time to stop screwing around and finally restart your ship like nothing ever happen, and nobody in your crew will ever know you tremendously failed in the exercise of your duty! you take one of the battery and install it in its little compartment, and restart the dashboard to properly manage the ship energy... or at least you tried? the computer just won't startup, you take the battery out and bring your trusty voltmeter once again, and it turns out this second battery is out of power too!?

you can doubt you competence as a mechanic as much as you what, you can't get yourself to believe you missed such a capital job that is to manage the energy you have left, there is definitely something fishy happening right now, but thankfully you still have another battery to save the day, it couldn't be out of energy, could it? you check it with your voltmeter for good measure, and it is dry too!

this is unquestionably totally abnormal, it must be a curse, or some dark sorcery sent down on your ship, what could have sucked out all sources of energy in your ship? these batteries weren't even connected to anything! that would mean someone or something deliberately took them individually, to suck all energy out of them, what could do such a thing?

well even if you are short on time, you will have to take a break to think this situation over, problems just get to a whole new level

> Be the batteries drainer.