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make up an excuse? you don't need to make one up, you are in no way responsible for what's happening, everybody in the crew could understand that

you know what, whatever, let's be honest, they won't ditch you if they learn what happen, they won't even consider it, you just like the idea that they would

the truth is you aren't even here for your engineering competence, you are here because you need their help, just like the Kobold, and you hate that, they are just too nice it's just too easy, you don't believe that's how life work, you want to earn your place, and your attempt to fix the ship now is more of an attempt to prove what you're worth, rather than you doing your job

welp, your attempt manage to drip oil around the engine room, you don't have to worry about being ditched for that either, anyway, let's just try to solve that ship problem while being nice around nice people and feel bad about luck you don't deserve

it's better than being dead

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